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Innovative Ceramic Marketing Model Ceramic Enterprises Can Try Water Group Buying Model

2024-03-13 Return

In recent years, with the development of the ceramic industry, the marketing methods of ceramics have also changed rapidly. When we enter some ceramic dealer stores, it is not difficult to find such a phenomenon. Many salespeople are very enthusiastic, but due to some misunderstandings in their sales model, orders cannot be closed. This is all due to the salesperson's failure to apply sales methods reasonably, resulting in 30% to 50% of sales orders being lost.

The following are six marketing misconceptions, and shopping guides need to be "attentive" to avoid these misconceptions which may improve performance and product image.

Misconception 1: To manipulate customer guides from one's own perspective, one must change their mindset. When recommending products, they must be customer-centric and avoid manipulating customers from their own perspective during the sales process, forcing them to accept their own ideas.

Misconception 2: The salesperson always hopes to make large orders for small orders, so when the customer purchases a small amount of goods, the salesperson's enthusiasm is greatly reduced. Moreover, they are not good at using purchasing techniques to recommend products to customers.

Misconception three: Inaccurately grasping the customer's interests. When introducing products, the salesperson is too hasty and lacks specificity. In fact, most arguments are ineffective without fully understanding the points of interest.

Misconception 4: Explaining that a product is not attractive. When a salesperson introduces a product, they cannot effectively attract the customer's attention and explain that the product uses clich é s.

Misconception 5: Saying that winning customers does not mean the ultimate goal of sales is to make a deal, not to say that winning customers. Experienced salespeople know how to be patient in small areas.

Misconception 6: Focusing solely on finding new customers and neglecting follow-up visits. Many salespeople believe that the key to sales lies in having good products, and that communication and emotions are not important. They spend a lot of time developing new customers, but forget to spend a small amount of time maintaining old customers.

In the marketing work of ceramic dealers, every salesperson should have the following mindset: customers can refuse my products and promotions, but they will never refuse my care. Only by implementing this sentence to the end, avoiding the six marketing misconceptions mentioned above, and improving performance, I believe the above can help sales guides.

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